Summer is the best time to have your dog with you because there are so many places where they can go. Dog-friendly beaches, hiking trails, and even outdoor restaurants are all great choices for summer activities. But what about when it’s just too hot to be outside? There are plenty of ways to get out of the heat while still spending time with your pup! Here are some ideas for having a fun summer season with Fido.

Tips for keeping your dog cool in the heat

How to keep your dog from getting into trouble outside

Keep in mind that there are some poisonous plants and flowers which may be harmful to your dog, so make sure you know what they look like! Be mindful of bees/wasps as well (which can also sting humans) – if Fido is running around outside it’s a good idea to have something on hand just in case he comes too close for whatever reason.

This could even include non-toxic ant spray found at pet stores since these insects tend to swarm where food is readily available such as trash cans or other open containers. Dog parks should only be chosen with caution because not all dogs play nice together! If you do choose one, remember: don’t bring food and if you do, don’t be surprised when your pup is being “bullied” by others for it.

If there are any unfenced bodies of water near where you live (even smaller ones), make sure Fido isn’t able to slip out or get in unnoticed; this includes pools as well which can have unseen dangers such as chemicals that could harm him even at a low level!

Never tie up the dog without supervision because he/she could chew through their leash and escape from yards or become tangled around other objects leading to injury or worse always watch them carefully especially during times like these!

Be aware of weather conditions such as lightning storms since dogs may sense this before humans do, so it’s important to find a safe shelter immediately if this occurs (even in the home) since they can’t tell exactly what is going on.

If you’re walking your dog and there are loose/wild animals around such as coyotes or other predators that could be dangerous to Fido, make sure he stays close by at all times – just like people who live near wild areas must keep their pets leashed when outside because even though these may not pose an immediate threat, they still exist!

What to do if you’re out of town and can’t take care of your pet

If it’s a short time, you can find someone to stay with Fido in your home or even ask family members/friends who may be able to do so if they are available; just make sure this is arranged well in advance since not everyone has the same schedule as you and will need some preparation time before taking over care duties!

For longer absences, it might be best to consider boarding kennels that have been vetted by other customers for quality assurance purposes – these places usually offer options depending on how long of a period you’re planning on being away from Fido plus if there any special needs he requires (such as medications) which should also determine where exactly he’ll go. Also you can follow the below tips-

Don’t forget to take care of yourself too! Make sure you’re drinking enough water, eating healthy foods, getting outside for fresh air, and taking time for you (and not just your pup). Be safe! If hiking with your dog in hot weather make sure they have plenty of water on hand or that there is a stream nearby where they can drink; don’t let them walk off leash if there are cars around; always bring sunscreen so their skin doesn’t burn.


Summer is a great time to spend with your pup. They are most likely going stir-crazy from being cooped up indoors all winter long and just want some fresh air and sunshine! If you’re looking for new activities to do this summer, be sure to check out the list below. We hope that these ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for what can best suit both of your needs this season.