No one likes to come home and smell that unmistakable odor of dog pee. It’s even worse when it’s on the carpet! There are a number of ways to get rid of this terrible smell, but we’re going to focus on three easy ones: vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients should be found in every household and work well for getting rid of all sorts of odors including cat urine and human body odor!

If you’ve ever stepped in dog pee on the carpet, then you know that it’s not just gross; it smells too. The urine has an ammonia-like smell that is tough to get rid of and can often linger for days after the accident occurs. To help you with this problem, we created a guide to show how to get rid of dog pee smell on the carpet!

Purchase a bottle of vinegar and some dish soap

The vinegar will neutralize some of the odor, and dish soap is great at cutting through dirt. Mix about a half cup of dish soap into one cup of water. Pets have an uncanny ability to cause problems in our homes with their little accidents here or there. Dog pee on carpet can especially be nasty since it has such a strong ammonia-like smell that often lingers for days after the accident occurs. To help you with this problem we created a guide to show how to get rid of dog pee smell! Here’s what you’ll need:

Vinegar is fantastic for getting rid of odors left behind by pets because its acidity helps cut through any lingering smells while also good at killing bacteria (which will get rid of the smell for good). Fill a spray bottle with water and add about one cup of vinegar. Spray this mixture all over the carpet to neutralize any smells left behind by your dog’s accident.

Dish soap is great at cutting through dirt, which will help lift away anything that was accidentally deposited on the carpet in addition to killing bacteria (which eliminates nasty odors as well). Mix about half a cup of dish soap into one cup of warm water and use it like you would any other cleaner!


To clean up pet messes quickly and effectively, we recommend Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover. This stuff gets out just about every type of stain or odor imaginable from pets including urine stains/smells so you can get rid of that smell! All you have to do is spray it over the affected area and let it dry for a little bit. Then, just vacuum up the residue and any smells left behind will be gone forever.

It’s not too difficult to remove dog pee stains from carpet if you’re using the right products (which our guide includes). But why waste your time trying to clean things yourself when we can help save you money by providing all-inclusive kits?

Pour the vinegar on the area with a dog pee smell on it

You should also pour some dish soap over the area and scrub with a brush if you have one available. We recommend Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover for getting rid of dog pee smell on carpet because it is specially formulated to remove stains AND odors caused by pets, including urine! This stuff gets out just about every type of stain imaginable from your dog’s accidents so you can get rid of those smells once and for all!

All you need to do is spray it over the affected area (which in this case would be where there was an accident) then let it sit undisturbed until dry. Then simply vacuum up any residue left behind afterwards and enjoy having fresh smelling carpets again! We sell kits that include this product as well as step by step instructions so you can get rid of dog pee smell like a pro!

Don’t waste your time trying to clean up after your pets when we have all the products and tools available for getting it done quickly, easily, and affordably. With our kits containing everything needed to remove stains and odors caused by dog accidents on carpet there is no need to go out shopping or order individual items online. We offer free shipping with every purchase made through our website so don’t forget to check us out before spending more money than necessary!

Also you can follow the below tips to get rid of the odor of Dog’s pee-

After this process, it is important to remember not to let your dog go back onto the same spot for at least two days so that all traces of urine are gone and don’t forget about corners and edges either!  To avoid future accidents feed your dog once per day instead of twice; don’t give them too much water before going outside. Take them out more often during their waking hours, keep their nails trimmed short so they can’t scratch at furniture when they’re trying to mark territory (or whatever else).

Make sure they always have plenty of freshwater available inside and out; consider installing an indoor potty area with artificial grass or tiles made from recycled materials like rubber tires; also make sure there’s enough space in your yard for them to roam freely without feeling trapped and bored by what’s around them.


If you have a dog and want to get rid of the pet odor, there are many ways that can help. One thing is using an enzyme cleaner or enzymatic carpet shampoo which will break down the proteins in urine so it doesn’t leave behind any icky smells. For those who would rather not use chemicals on their carpets, try natural products like baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil for removing stains from your rug as well as getting out pesky odors. And lastly if all else fails then just replace that old smelly carpet with new!