Dogs are a member of the family in most homes. This means they are rewarded for good behaviour with dog treats. But that is not enough. Remember to praise the dog as you give the treat so it associates the praise with food. Use dog treats to reinforce or teach good behaviour.

Dog treats can be anything that dog enjoys if he is easily motivated. They also help train the dog to do the things you ask him to do. A visit to the vet or a dose of medication can be made into a pleasant experience if they are followed by a dog treat each time.

Dog training involves use of dog treats or some type of snack after it has obeyed your commands. The training method is right to teach dog manners and obey commands; as long as the owner is in control of the treat box. Treat training is one of the methods of motivational training that encourages the dog to do It helps develop an obedient dog, who sits at commanded, comes at your call, and waits to be petted. It is also an easy way to make him take medicine, and learn tricks like jumping to catch a stick.

This procedure sometimes leads dog to expect a treat each time or it will not listen to your commands. So it is essential to slowly wean him off dog treats, while increasing number of commands given before a treat. This also helps the dog loose the expectancy of food. Instead, he will be happy by just a word of praise or petting as a treat for obeying a command.

However, most people appreciate the unconditional love they receive from their canine friends. And desire to reward them with only dog treats as a sign of appreciation. It also used to house train and correct bad habits.


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